Links to sites for various Family Share areas

Family Share Sites

If you are interested in creating a web site for your more immediate family, we can host it on this website. These share areas are intended for family communications. If you have any genealogy related information, please forward that to Serena Kolb (genealogyguru2896@zeeb.com). She is maintaining the full genealogy for all descendants of Veit Zeeb.

We require that a single person be designated as the WebMaster for the Family Share site. The WebMaster will need to know how to create web pages and how to upload them to the web server using FTP.

If your Family Share will consist of only pictures and videos, then we recommend the program jAlbum. It's what we've used on this site. It allows you to create web pages of folders containing pictures and videos without any programming. If you're interested in this software we can get you a 25% discount on our multi-user license.

We have unlimited space on this site, so we can host any content you would like. We can create FTP access to your portion of the site so you have complete control. We also have software that can maintain a list of authorized users/passwords for multiple areas of your website, so you can control who has access to each area of your site. Contact Jim Zeeb (webmaster4721@zeeb.com) if you are interested in creating a family share site.

If you have a Family website hosted somewhere else, we can provide links to that site in our Family Share area.


Would you like your own zeeb.com email address. We can provide that. The limitation is that you must have an existing email address with hosting like gmail, yahoo, etc. We can then create your zeeb.com email to forward to the gmail/yahoo address. Getting too much spam? Then just create a new gmail/yahoo address and we'll change your forwarding to the new address. No need for any of your senders to change. Contact Jim Zeeb (webmaster4721@zeeb.com) if you are interested.