About Us

Picture of Jim Zeeb, the Webmaster

James L (Jim) Zeeb

I've been a programmer since 1968. I learned Fortran in the Air Force, Cobol & PL/I at Electronic Data Systems, and PC software on my own. I originally created my company website using FrontPage, a Microsoft Office web design program. That program has been discontinued, so I am learning the latest web design tehcnology, HTML5/CSS3. It has been fun. I really enjoy programming for the creative aspect of it.

Around 1998, I recognized that the Internet was going to be a significant force and purchased the zeeb.com domain name. This website used to be the home of my consulting business, Pyramid Computing, Inc. You can still see that website by clicking on that link or my company name in each page footer. Since I am mostly retired, I have switched the focus of the website to the Zeeb Family. I created a Family Share site where we can share photos, announcements, etc., and anything else I can dream up. My little sister was here for Thanksgiving (2014) and we got to talking about her vision for the website and she asked for my help.

What I do in my spare time

I used to run 10k's, a couple of marathons and the short triathlons for 30 years until atrial fibrillation put a stop to that in 2007. Currently my passions are pickleball & golf. I play pickleball 6-7 times per week and I play golf once a week. In the winter I play pickleball outdoors on the central coast of California near San Luis Obispo. In the summer I play in the Vail Valley. It's a great game and keeps me fit. As for golf, fortunately, I'm holding my own, so it makes it fun also.

Picture of Serena Kolb, Genealogy Guru

Serena M Kolb (formerly Pamela S Zeeb)

My mother, Dottie Waters Zeeb, always taught us that family came first. She collected photos, pieces of furniture, and mementos of family members. Anything that was "family" was to be preserved, never discarded. We travelled to weddings, reunions, picnics, vacations, etc., no matter how far - to spend time with relatives. So when relatives died, Mom was willing to take any family things so they would stay in the family. And when she died, I was priviledged to become the caretaker of boxes and boxes of mementos.

I had a dream to put the Zeeb family history on the computer and in 2007, I took a two month leave of absence from my job to begin entering genealogical info into a software program called Reunion. I flew to Ann Arbor and interviewed 5 older Zeeb relatives about their memories of family and events. While there I scanned photos and documents that various relatives shared with me. And I quickly learned the project wasn't going to get completed until I retired and had the time to devote to it. In 2009, I came to the Zeeb reunion and introduced my project of creating a family genealogical website. In 2013 I retired and went to Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany, to meet relatives and learn more about our Zeeb history where it all began. In 2014 I recruited my brother, Jim, to create the website and work with me. It has been a wonderful collaboration and combined our different areas of expertise beautifully. Thanks, I love you Jim.

Professionally, for the majority of my career I have worked for major corporations as a Human Resources/Communications specialist. My new job is to take all the photos, diplomas, documents, deeds, diaries, war letters, etc. I inherited and put them on the website so descendants will have a more holistic picture of our relatives.

What I do in my spare time

I live in Maine with my husband, David, and our dog, Demi. We enjoy being grandparents and traveling to visit our family. I am an outdoorsy person who likes to cycle, hike, kayak, sail, garden, swim, ski (alpine and downhill), and train our new dog. I am also an avid reader.